5 Easy & Inexpensive Ideas For March Break

Spending time as a family during the school year can be complicated with varying schedules and limited time. However, March Break gives parents a set time to plan ahead and brainstorm fun activities for their children to partake in.

Stumped on what to do with your children for March Break? Want to make the most out of the time with them but can’t afford to spend money on a vacation right now? Here are our five favourite easy and inexpensive activities you can do with your family during March Break, or anytime over winter.

Winter at Ontario Place

The Ontario Place is celebrating its 3rd annual Winter Light Exhibition on the West Island which utilizes innovation, creativity, and light. Ontario Place is sure to be a hit with children of all ages, especially during the winter festival. Take a stroll through the West Island to experience the beautiful winter setting that Ontario Place has to offer and enjoy activities and attractions along the way. Don't forget to dress warmly, the waterfront can experience lower temperatures and can get chilly. On top of the free winter-themed light exhibition there are several other activities to enjoy at Ontario Place as well. You and your children can enjoy the outdoor skating rink. An added bonus is that Ontario Place offers is a bonfire during the evening, food trucks, and concession stands.

Mom & daughter baking | Having your children help in the kit… | Flickr

Bake Together

Baking with your kids is a terrific way to have fun and create quality time together. Kids enjoy making and working with dough, cutting out shapes, decorating, and most of all, eating the delicious baked goods they helped make. This activity does depend on the age of your children, but if you have the time, it is a great family friendly activity. You have the opportunity to teach them about the importance of patience and fine details that baking requires. Following a recipe can help boost a child's listening and sequencing skills, it is also an important school skill and baking can give your child plenty of practice.

BONUS, you will have some tasty treats to enjoy for dessert!!

Make a Scavenger Hunt

Depending on the weather, you can either do a scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors and create a fun scavenger hunt. You can make the scavenger hunt items easy or harder to find depending on the age of your children. You can start by creating a scavenger hunt card that your children can check off as they go along and begin hiding the items in the nooks of your house. A couple of examples for outdoor scavenger hunt items can include a coloured leaf, a butterfly, rocks or flowers. Some examples of indoor scavenger hunt items are an elastic band, a sock, or a towel. You can even get added inspiration from Pinterest if you want to go the extra mile with this activity!

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Black Creek Pioneer Village is set in the 1790s and 1860s as a working village. It is a great place to take your children for a day trip over their March Break. Best part is, children under the age of 13 are free. You can solve the mystery of “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Sinister Secret” by cracking codes, hunting for clues, and interviewing villagers and suspects. This activity is a fun way to incorporate learning and education over March Break. Before you leave, make sure you take part in some sweet maple syrup activities and enjoy a wagon ride around the village!

Ice Skating

There are several ice rinks in the GTA area that have set free skate times during March Break. Lessons are also offered by the City of Toronto and private organizations. One free public ice rink is in front of City Hall - Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, ON. You can utilize this opportunity for one-on-one family time with your children. If you don't want to take part in skating lessons, you can attend free skates instead. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor recreational ice rinks, as well as outdoor free places to visit. Take the opportunity to make it an outing with your children’s friends and their parents.

The next time you plan your March Break activities, consider the 5 suggestions that we’ve offered. They are all hassle free and inexpensive ways to spend your week long break or holiday. These activities are perfect for some well-deserved family bonding time and are diverse enough that your entire family will enjoy it.