Covid-19 Tips: reopening safely & successfully

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in all of our lives, especially in regards to the way our businesses are run. After months of lockdown, many businesses were forced to shut down, yet even as the country begins to reopen, businesses are still struggling to regain their former success. Embracing the “new normal” means that many new protocols will need to be implemented to ensure a safe and successful reopening, and it is crucial that business owners accept these new measures that will help bring success back to their business. We have compiled some time-proven tips to help with navigating a post-COVID-19 marketplace, so that you and your customers can get back to where they love to be.


During the reopening process, you must have clear priorities. The biggest priority should be a safe reopening, so make sure to follow government-regulated guidelines to a tee. Be clear and provide open communication to both your clients and staff about how the new protocols will be followed within your business. Ensure that you train your employees in the new ways of operation and thoroughly teach them how to follow your new safety checklist. Safety checklists are now your new best friend if you want to keep your staff, your clients, and yourself safe.

Create a detailed reopening plan that gives your staff and clients a structure that they can adopt over the coming weeks and months. Try to avoid panicking and rushing into a reopening plan, as taking the time to construct a detailed and thorough approach to reopening will benefit you in the long run. Knowing your priorities gives you direction and keeps you focused, and it is a fantastic first step in pointing your business back in the right direction.


Parents will naturally worry about their children, but it is still your responsibility to build a bond of trust and security with the parents who leave their children in your care. With the current COVID-19 situation, it may be challenging for customers to feel truly comfortable with having their children participate in your program again, so it is important to reinforce for them all the ways you are taking their safety into consideration. Some ways to do this include communicating clearly which safety precautions you will be taking to keep the children safe. Posting these precautions on social media, on your website, and around your building can reassure parents that you take precautions very seriously. If your premises are safe, it will go a long way towards bolstering your relationships with current customers as well as gaining the trust of new ones. Consider also creating a family readiness handbook that you can share with customers before opening your doors. Everyone is ready for the world to go back to normal, therefore it is crucial that you make people aware of all that you are doing to make that possible.


While bringing in new clientele may not be your main focus during reopening, it is still an important aspect of improving the future of your company. Bringing in new customers may, however, require the use of different methods than before. New customers who are unfamiliar with your business will have lots of questions, and you will need a plan for how to handle them in a way that makes those new prospects feel welcomed and safe. Just like you will be communicative and clear with your current customers, you will want to do the same with your potential leads. Prospects will require lots of information to make an informed decision, and you have to be ready to give it to them.


The staff members of businesses across the country have been greatly affected by the fluctuating COVID-19 case numbers over the past year and a half. Now that we are (hopefully) nearing the end of the pandemic, staff need to be kept in the loop when it comes to all the reopening rules they are expected to follow. Your staff make your operations possible, so it is imperative that you show how much you value them by communicating with them and doing what you can to keep them safe. It is very important to discuss new measures with anyone who is involved with the reopening of your business. Being the backbone of the business means needing to know the proper way to handle everything that is expected of them in the coming months. In order to establish who needs to have a good understanding of safety protocols, keep track of who enters and exits your establishment regularly. Those people are the ones who need all the safety information that you have to give.

Regulation Considerations:

While businesses are already subject to plenty of regulations, a global pandemic just adds to the list. When looking at the reopening, there are many different government regulations that you need to follow depending on the type of program you are offering. You must look into what you are legally required to do and consider taking additional precautions as well. Since regulations may be subject to change, you could consider running a hybrid program. Embracing a mixture of both in-person and online learning--including hands-on and outdoor subjects--can be a great option for many programs, as it also shows that your business is both well-rounded and adaptable.

It can also never hurt to reassess aspects of your business, such as your insurance. Consider getting stronger coverage, because while there may be a higher premium to pay, it is worth it considering that times can be very unpredictable. New regulations mean new potential considerations for you and your brand, so keep an open mind.

This pandemic has been responsible for both our businesses and our lives getting uprooted. Do your best to get back to business as normal while embracing the new normal. Make sure your appearance back into the market has a positive business image. It is imperative to be open and clear with both your staff and customers about the new protocols you have in place. In addition to this, you need to teach the kids in your care the importance of personal hygiene and following safety protocols. And always remember, safety first!