The power of a happy customer: retention and advocacy

When going into business, the thing that will make your business a success is your customers, satisfied customers. The difference a happy customer can make for a business is outstanding. It can be the difference between increasing your clientele or losing customers. Passionate customers will help spread the word, so it is important to go above and beyond for customers to create a passion for your business. There are a variety of things you can try to do this, it’s just about getting creative!

Importance of Customer Satisfaction:

Going above and beyond for customers is really powerful. Having one customer that is very passionate about your program is better than having multiple customers that are moderately satisfied. Very satisfied customers are going to try and share their passion with others, they will spread the word for you. Never underestimate the power of an enthused customer and all they can do for your company. These customers are the ones that will bring in more business for your company and provide strong referrals. There is going to be a large amount of customer loyalty in those customers which is also powerful.

First things, first (Alignment):

To have satisfied customers some steps must be covered first. First things first, you need a strong program that works well for you, your staff, and especially your clients. You need a program that is high tear and has the potential to create passionate customers. Another thing to help this process along is to have happy team members. Having happy team members shows and changes the feeling within the company for both the staff and customers which overall will strengthen your company. To have a high tear business you need the tools and the client communication methods to make it possible. Using tools to enhance your customer relations will bring your relationships to the next level. Having a tool that can track previous communications is very powerful, it gives the chance to remember important personal information about clients, therefore building a stronger relationship making them feel like more than a number.

Provide a quality service:

Providing superior service, not just a quality service means more than just having a great program, it has to be a great experience with your business as a whole. Having a good relationship outside class is just as important as inside the classroom. Building an emotional connection with clients is great for developing relationships as it makes them feel special. By doing this it is more comfortable to encourage feedback, testimonials, and referrals from your clients. An effective method for increasing referrals is providing incentives, also making it very easy for your clients to refer by providing them with the tools to do so in a simple manner. By following these steps you are bound to gain some happy customers!


To have customers communication is key! It is important to communicate with more than just team members, it is also important to communicate clearly with clients. Communicating with your clients and being open and honest is always the best policy. When working with clients you should keep them in the loop about everything, this builds a form of trust. By staying in communication with clients it leaves a window of opportunity to inform clients about future programs or different up-selling opportunities.

Open communication with clients leaves more room for opportunities to get the clients more involved in your organization. Whether this means asking them to volunteer, donate or even enroll in additional programs that you think may interest them. Another reason communication is so important is that it prevents the clients from being left with questions, keeping them in the loop with what is going on will be greatly appreciated.

Now you might be thinking about how this seems like more work than it’s worth, so that is why you invest in software to help track your communications. Doing this can save a lot of time, as you can make templates to send out to all clients and at the same time it improves the quality of communication you can have with your clients.

If not satisfied:

When you face a customer that is not completely satisfied or even dissatisfied you want to do everything in your power to turn it around. Just like a satisfied customer has a lot of power, so does an unsatisfied customer! When a customer shows that they are not satisfied with your service you must stay calm, don’t get defensive, and do your best to communicate.

A mistake that many business owners make is taking the critiques personally which then leads to defensive behavior. Try and get to the root of the problem so you can come up with a plan to solve the problem. To do this, be open and accept feedback. From there try and improve based on the feedback you’ve received. Taking the hard tips and adjusting from there is where you will see the most growth within your company.

Having happy customers is very important, it leads to customer loyalty and clientele growth. Having an unhappy customer can be just as much as a game-changer, you can learn and become better from those experiences. Passionate customers are the key to customer retention and advocacy. Passionate customers share their enthusiasm with others. Take each relationship seriously and understand the importance of each and every customer. Accept criticism and be open to change for the better of your company, you can never stop improving.