7 Benefits of Starting Your Own Home Preschool

Are you someone who loves working with children and wants to make a difference in their lives? If you’re already working at a daycare centre or preschool but want more freedom, think about branching out and starting your own Home Preschool. If this sounds interesting to you, continue reading this blog on the benefits of starting your own home preschool.

Benefit #1: You Are Your Own Boss

If you decide to start your own Home Preschool, you will become your own boss. Being an entrepreneur creates a sense of empowerment and satisfaction in your life. A preschool run by the government has to follow specific rules and has limitations on the vision and personalization of a preschool program. If you start your own Home Preschool, you get to set the goals and rules to your liking. There is indefinitely more flexibility, you can set your own hours of operation and schedule, based on what you are comfortable with.

Benefit #2: Potential To Earn More Money

One major benefit that leads people to leave the traditional education system and start their own preschool in their home is the potential to earn more money. You get to set a rate based on the resources you provide. The key here is that the more you offer students and parents, the more you are able to charge and therefore in return, earn. There will also be fewer overhead costs because you are operating out of your home, not in a centre. Educators have the opportunity to have tax write-offs and deductions when running their own business. For example, educators can receive tax deductions on toys and equipment, home use, food and employees. For more information, visit: https://turbotax.intuit.ca/tips/filing-a-tax-return-for-your-in-home-daycare-6366.

Benefit #3: Spend More Time With Your Own Family

A traditional teacher who works at a centre will likely have a long commute and the hours spent traveling to and from their job takes away from spending with their own family. You have the opportunity to put in the same amount of working hours you would at a centre while saving on the hours traveling to and from. In addition to this, if you have young children who are at home, you can enroll them in your program and spend time with them throughout the day. You'll be able to spend more time with your own family due to the fact that you will be home more often.

Benefit #4: Less Teacher Burnout

The traditional education system has large class sizes which not only make it hard for students to pay attention and learn but it also creates teacher burnout. When it comes to operating your own preschool at home you get to choose how many children can enroll (based on the educator to child ratio where you reside) and decide if you need more than just yourself to successfully operate. This will also help you cater to each individual child's social, emotional, and learning needs.

Benefit #5: Curriculum Customization

Following an out-dated traditional style curriculum will not only be boring for you but for the children as well. Children are less likely to engage in a classroom lecture if it is out-dated and not catered to their attention span. If you open your own Home Preschool, you will have much more flexibility to create new curriculum and programs with creativity. Running your own preschool allows you to choose a learning philosophy that resonates with you. There are several different philosophies of teaching that which dictate the way that learning and teaching are approached. Philosophies vary from program to program, some common ones you may recognize are Play-Based, Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf, etc. You will have the opportunity to meet the unique needs of each child and get an understanding of their learning style and find the best way to teach them. An example of this is an “emergent curriculum” which allows educators to create and design a curriculum that is unique to a child or a group of children in their care.

Benefit #6: Leadership Opportunities

When you are the boss, specifically running a preschool, you have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow as a leader. Alongside a sense of accomplishment and pride, you will feel reassured that you are making a difference. You will be able to see the growth development in the children at your preschool which is without a doubt very self-rewarding. You are also able to expand your home childcare with additional educators, if needed. The only limitation with your home preschool would be your imagination.

Benefit #7: The School Can be Your Own

One of the most rewarding and satisfactory parts of running your own business is that you have the final say on all decisions. Firstly, you will get to decide the curriculum of your own choice. If you have a strong passion for a certain philosophy, i.e., Montessori-Inspired, Play-Based-Inspired, or Waldorf-Inspired, you can incorporate this into your curriculum. Alongside this, you get to set the vision and mission of your preschool and make sure it’s being achieved. Lastly, you have the opportunity to have more direct and frequent communication with parents based on their child’s day-to-day behaviour and successes.

There are plenty of benefits for starting your own childcare centre, we simply showed you a few that we believe are key. Here at Dreamschools, we can help you jump start your own childcare centre. We provide support from the very beginning and in a few short months you will have a home childcare centre up and running.