Building an organization that lasts

Building an organization is one thing, building one that is there to stay is another. How do you make sure your business is going to stand strong over the years? While it's difficult to guarantee success, there are many tricks and techniques that you can utilize to help improve your chances. Focusing on your initial key focus points, leadership style, team training, and constant focus points build a great foundation for a successful, long-lasting business.

Initial Key Focus Points:

Knowing exactly what you need to focus on is a great place to start. What are those initial points that you need to target? Taking the time and focus to determine what these are can be difficult, but it pays off in the end.

  • Vision: Make sure your business' vision is unique and distinguishable from your competitors. Having a realistic vision with achievable steps is important so that you have the means and the plan to bring it to life. In saying this, though, it never hurts to think big and reach for the stars.

  • Brand Development: It's always worth taking the time to create strong branding, including a logo, active social media account, client groups, referrals, and anything else that helps people build associations for your business. Your brand will become a crucial part of your business, so be sure to think carefully and logically about each component of your brand. Once a brand is established, we encourage you to stay true to your authentic self. Everything you put forward from here on out should line up with your brand image and mission statement, as this maintains customer loyalty and builds trust.

  • Program Creation: Create the perfect set of programs and activities that you plan on offering. Present something that is undeniably amazing for clients. When creating your program, you want to make sure that you are appealing to a wide variety of people and working to keep them engaged in your programming.

Leadership Tips:

The power of leadership can sometimes be underestimated or unrecognized, but in reality a leader's skills can make or break a company. Whether they are strong or weak, a leader sets the tone for the entire organization, so it is very important to take the time to reflect on the type of leader you are and how your style can benefit your business.

  • In a leadership position you are responsible for more than the business operations, you are responsible for team morale.

  • As a leader, you should focus on maintaining a strong role model/mentor relationship with your subordinates, rather than a “best friend” relationship or negative enforcement relationship.

  • Being a leader is more than just how you approach employees, it is also about knowing when to delegate tasks and when to allow staff independence. Knowing when to let go and give staff room to do their own work is essential for team growth and development.

Employees feed off their leaders, so portraying a positive role model for employees is crucial for a successful business.

Importance of Team Training:

Your team is the backbone of your company, so don’t hesitate to invest in them! Make sure you have a well-trained, trustworthy team, as a business is nothing without a well-oiled team that plays all their parts correctly. Your team keeps the business running, so never be wary of investing in the training of your employees. It will pay off in the short-term and the long-term.

Provide training for your staff to do their job, but also provide them with opportunities to develop their childcare skills and parent-communication skills. By doing this, you are investing in your business communication and relations, as well as your program quality. Staff should know how to communicate effectively with both the children enrolled in your programs as well as the parents. Strengthening customer relationships is never a bad thing, and having a stellar team of employees will help gain customer loyalty, which ultimately contributes to a business' continued success.

Constant Focus Points:

In business, there are certain things that should always be on the radar.

  • Workflow Efficiency: Efficiency not only saves time but also saves money. Using tools that make your life easier, such as Dreamschools, will give you more time to focus on what you actually love to do. Using these sorts of tools can also help with the thoroughness of the completion of the task. This means that you are able to complete your tasks at a higher caliber. Using the right software tool for your business will absolutely bump up the quality and quantity of the work being accomplished.

  • Communication: It is crucial to communicate clearly and effectively with both your team and customers. Each team member should know the company's purpose for being in business, and as a leader you can use this purpose to inspire your team's performance. Having a team that is empowered by your purpose will strengthen your business as a whole.

  • Customer Satisfaction: This is the ultimate goal to a long-lasting, successful business. Happy customers are usually returning customers, and satisfied customers can be one of the most effective marketing tools. Clients who feel like they are getting a high amount of value out of your business will refer you to their peers who likely have similar needs, thereby boosting your client reach.

When focusing on your business, make sure to keep up in many different areas. The best kinds of businesses elevate all parts of their company, not just the most obviously important parts.

Everyone wants a business that is going to succeed both in the short-term and the long-term. While it is easier said than done, putting your best foot forward and giving it everything you’ve got will be of great benefit. Know your focus points, your leadership style, and the roles and skills of your team. Be sure to utilize all the assets available to you so that your business can thrive today, tomorrow, and further down the line.