Benefits of Home Childcare

Selecting the right childcare for your children is one of the most important decisions that parent's have to make. The choices can seem endless, overwhelming, and too high of an expense. We know that your top priority is finding a safe, nurturing, and cost feasible solution. We believe that home childcare, whether it be community-based or home-based, can be incredibly suitable for your child.

Our team at Dreamschools helps parents connect with local home-based or community-based childcare centres. Our caregivers and educators whether they are running licensed or independent childcare centres are screened with a police background check, a home safety inspection, and certifications in both First Aid and CPR. We also assist in the helping educators create and curate their program by providing guidelines and recommendations to help them run the best program. We do our best to ensure that both the educator and parents are happy. Are you still hesitant on whether to choose home childcare for your children? The remainder of this blog will highlight six major benefits of come childcare.


Location is a major benefit of a home childcare centre as it is essentially a home away from home. Home-based or community-based childcare tends to be an easier transition for children who are leaving their parents for the day. It often allows children to feel more comfortable as the surroundings of a home childcare centre are more familiar to a child compared to a daycare centre. These environments provide parents with a peace of mind as there are typically fewer children to be watched. This one-on-one environment further enhances child education and growth. There is a sense of trust that can be built by the educator and parents by keeping open direct communication. Educators have the ability to create a flexible schedule catered to the each parent's needs. Home-based and community-based childcare facilities are often located close to where the parents reside, which simplify the entire process.

Mixed Age Group

The second benefit of home childcare is the mixed age group setting. It is quite likely that there will be a range of age groups in one classroom in a home-based or community-based centre. This can be an advantage for children as they are able to learn from each other’s actions. When in various age range groups, it gives younger children more opportunity to receive motivation in an environment surrounded by potential “role models”. This can be shown by younger children following instructions because the other children are. Similarly, during play-time, younger children tend to mimic the actions of older children allowing them to develop and learn faster. Having a mixed age group setting allows older children to learn leadership skills by teaching the younger kids and becoming role-models. This can also creates a sense of pride and accomplishment in children, the educator, and the parents.

Educator to Child Ratio

The third benefit of home childcare is the educator to child ratio. The total number of children in one home may vary, depending on the requirements specified by each city. In Ontario, home childcare providers look after five or fewer children. In a typical daycare setting; the class sizes and environment are relatively large, which deters parents that are looking for more attentive care for their children. Although daycare centres can have more than one educator, it can be overwhelming for children. It is easier for children to focus and develop when there is less in their surroundings, otherwise, they can get distracted easily. Having a fewer number of children in a room will allow children to build closer bonds and friendships with each other. In most cases, these children will live in nearby neighbourhoods.

Safety Requirements

The fourth benefit of home childcare are the safety check requirements that an educator must comply with to operate a childcare facility. Before you can become a registered home childcare provider or educator, an enhanced criminal check must be completed, as well as a health assessment, CPR and First Aid Training. These requirements allow educators to be prepared to provide any urgent care to a child if needed. It is important to have these certifications posted and even on the walls of educator’s homes to give parents’ a peace of mind. A mandatory safety check allows parents to feel more comfortable with the provider. You can take this as an opportunity to educate parents on your specific child care program, and allow them to understand the similarities and differences to a typical daycare setting.

Mirrors Family Life

The fifth benefit of home childcare is that it helps mirror family life. Home-based or community-based childcare can assist both the parents and children to feel more comfortable, no matter the various age group range. Having childcare that mirrors family life allows children to step out of their comfort zone. These environments help children interact better and create sibling-like bonds with other children. Often times, home childcare providers are parents themselves, which allows them to have a better understanding of children. Children are more likely to excel in an environment when they feel safe and comfortable. A home-based or community-based childcare that reminds children of their home is beneficial to their learning and success.


The sixth benefit of home childcare is the positive impact it has on education. Having a closer one-on-one connection between educators and children has a lasting positive impact. This can be seen through the growth and development of children in the activities that they participate while in childcare. There are activities catered to various ages that stimulate the brain. These include matching games, line walking, playing with building blocks and role play. Being surrounded in a positive and comfortable environment at a young age can improve their social skills and better equip them for the start of school.

This can be a stressful time for individuals as new parents in the 21st century to choose the right options for their children. We understand the importance of being the perfect parents and the stress to decide on the right decisions. We listed just six of the many benefits of home-based or community-based childcare. We hope that our insights have highlighted the benefits of home-based childcare and why it is more appropriate for certain children. Contact Dreamschools so we can help you find and connect you to the best local childcare for your children.