Bringing your organization to the 21st century

Times are changing and so is business, your business should be changing with the times or you may be left behind. Bring your organization into the 21st century with the help of technology and modernized strategies. There is great importance to know the details of your organization across programs, activities, staff & operations, and seasons. In other words, knowing each aspect of your business holds great value. Learn about how to bring your business to the next level, optimize the way your workflows are done, so that you can take advantage of the power of analytics seamlessness through technology. Make better plans and better decisions with data at your hand. Bring your business into the 21st century in the best way possible.

Knowledge is Key:

Knowledge is everything in today’s world, especially when it comes to the business world, you should know your business inside and out! If you don’t thoroughly know your business, you can’t expect to know where the improvements need to be made.

  • Knowing your business analytics is some crucial knowledge, you must keep enough data on your business for this to be useful.

    • Knowing your history and what has occurred in your business in the past can be useful, so you can look at what worked and what did not. You never want to make the same mistake twice, so keep notes on your company to help prevent repeating the past!

  • Staying up to date and being aware of what is happening within your industry can be a powerful tool. You can keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, and if some new programs are being demanded by customers.

Staying informed can be more powerful than you’ll ever know, whether it is with your customers or even with the newest technologies coming out that can make your life easier, it is extremely important to stay in the loop and catch up with the times. Know what you need to improve, then search for it.

Start early:

The power of analytics can only come through when there is enough data.

  • To ensure you are tracking everything that you need to and aren’t misplacing important data, consider digitizing your existing workflows.

  • Using tools for registration and applications can make both your and your customers' lives much easier. With the technical world we live in today the majority of people prefer and almost expect to do things online, this includes registration for activities, applications, and payments.

  • Technology helps keep track of everything efficiently. By embracing technology and bringing it into your business you can switch those tedious tasks such as paper attendance tracking into the digital world. As we know, efficiency is everything, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the tools available today that amps up efficiency.

  • There is a unique power that simplicity brings to the table, which technology makes possible. Simple, easy-to-do registration is valued by both parents and the company.

  • A secret tip is to focus on tracking what matters most to your business, rather than worrying about every little thing. Once you have it all set up, it’s easy to do things like run and fully utilize the power of analytics.

Empower Staff:

Reports and analytics are a way to tap into the knowledge of your team or the broader organization. At the same time, it aids / assists with the daily grind of running administrative work and ensuring the organization is heading in the right direction.

Use reports and analytics to help teachers and facilitators get better results. Giving staff this information to reflect on is a great way to encourage growth. Teach them tools around managing attendance digitally, at the tip of their hands using a Tablet or Smartphone. This is more important now than ever because of the digital lives we live.

Managers should ensure the central dashboard has a few key metrics that impact the organization. Ensure your managers can run all their admin reporting through digital tools. Digitals tools are designed to increase productivity and make people’s lives easier, so take full advantage of the tools available.


When running a business, whenever doing anything you need to take everything into consideration just to be safe.

  • One thing to do is ensure your systems enable exporting of data, this is crucial to have in business!

  • Consider ways to visually represent your data in ways that are easy to understand, this makes it easier for everyone looking at the information.

  • Continuously evolve your key metrics (or KPIs) to understand what’s moving your business forward. As a business owner, you should analyze your business and try to determine what the lead indicators are for signs of trouble and distress in your business.

  • Knowing both your weaknesses and strengths shows strength and will help develop a stronger knowledge of your business and what to do in negative situations.

  • Another topic to consider is your external tracking, consider how you’re getting leads and how people are signing up for your programs and activities. You should constantly be looking for ways to track impressions or leads so you know where to put more effort into nurturing and furthering leads. For example, using Google Analytics to not only track metrics, but also measure and improve the collection of data for a better return.

Businesses should always be looking for ways to improve their business and stay caught up with the times. Embracing the changes in our world will make things easier for you and your clients. Bring the power of data and analytics with the efficiency of digitalization to build a business for success. Technology was created to make people’s lives easier, so adopt the change and bring your business into the 21st century.