Bold, Bright & Standout

Say you are looking at three different programs to possibly enroll your child in. Two seem strong if not somewhat basic, and you've seen other programs just like them before. The third program, while offering the same sort of program, has a new innovative teaching approach that you haven't encountered before. Which program are you more likely to be interested in? Odds are, it would be the third one. People are intrigued by what is different and special. When there are so many competitors out there, it is important to take steps to stand out and ensure you are noticed. It is challenging to know the proper way to distinguish yourself, but there are many great ways to do so.

Brand Identity:

When building a business you must create a brand which include any aspects of your brand that can be memorable and stand out from the crowd. Many strong businesses have logos, songs, or phrases that people can immediately associate with their company or product. In the process of building your brand, find something that is important to you and has genuine meaning to what your business is about. You can discover this by establishing your purpose and your target market. Once you have done this, you should find something that works for both your purpose and target audience. Think of the things that bring you joy and try to merge those things into your own personal brand. Giving clients a brand that they associate with positive feelings is a great way to draw them in and keep them coming back.

Visual Tips:

Standing out visually is one of the more straightforward methods of differentiating. To stand out visually, you should emphasize certain visual aspects in every part of your business, including on your social media, website, and even in the physical location.

  • Maintaining your brand visually is important, so determine a colour or aesthetic theme and stick to it throughout your entire company.

  • There are so many amazing technologies nowadays to enhance photos and visuals that you can take advantage of. High-quality, eye-catching photos or graphic designs can play a huge role in drawing in more traffic to your company's presence.

  • Capturing the essence of the brand through your photos and visual presentation is a great way to portray the brand's essence to your viewers.

  • It is essential that you recognize the power that a strong visual presence brings to a business. When doing this, decide on some central elements and integrate those with your own personal style and interests. If done right, your brand will allow your passion and love to shine through.

Content Tips:

  • Posting appropriate and consistent content on your social media and website is will help to build and maintain customer loyalty.

  • Consistently bringing creative and unique content will keep your viewers engaged.

  • Sharing personal anecdotes and allowing clients to get to know you online will set you apart from your competition as your viewers come to know and trust you.

  • Consider asking loyal, satisfied customers to share their own personal experiences with your business to bring in new clients.

  • Thinking outside the box in regards to your programming is a good idea, and further promoting your creative programming will drum up interaction from potential clients.

  • Focus on creating attention-grabbing, easily digestible content that can appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Business Tips:

Setting your business apart from the competition will be challenging, but it will absolutely pay off in the end. A tip for setting yourself apart is to focus on being both convenient and reliable for your customers. Convenience and reliability can really make a client feel valued, and can encourage them to come back.

There are several software tools on the Dreamschools platform that not only save you time, but also your client's time. In business, it is important to be set up in an easy-to-use forum. When using Dreamschools, you are able to set up online payments, enrollments, and even an online interactive calendar for your students to use. Providing cool interactive features for your client can make them enjoy using your program. Providing convenience is important as it increases time which increases money. Make sure to remember this when setting up any software tools you plan on using for your business.

Reliability can bring customers a lot of perceived value, as they then can feel that a company they are investing their time and money into is going to around for a long time. To create a sustainable business that is strong enough to last across expansion and scaling, you need to ensure that you are always staying true to your business values. Without values, your brand will likely crumble and be an unrecognizable and flakey. Here is an example. When you go to a Tim Horton’s, you expect a certain level of quality and you expect to see the products that you are familiar with. If you have a bad experience at one location, the brand is so strong that your perception is only going to change for that one location, not the entire company. This shows the strength of positive branding in business.


By this point, you should know the importance of leaving an impression on your clients. However, have you considered that your clients may be leaving an impression on you? Try to remember each of your clients and a few details about them. This helps you build a connection and make them feel like more than just a number. By doing this, you can help your clients remember you as well! In business, it is very important to leave an impression.

The power of a positive impression should never be underestimated, as a positive impression can lead to a good review or even a good referral. Keeping your current customers happy is imperative to a successful business, especially when you are in the early years or months of your company.

Overall, you need to do what you can to set yourself apart, in every aspect of your business. Whether it is your business' visual experience, your perceived value, or your impression on customers, take the jump to build a strong, unique company. Be Bold. Be Bright. And Standout.