Social media presence: How to build your online brand

Nowadays social media plays a vital part in business and one's day-to-day life, even if we don’t like to admit it. Social media can be a very effective marketing tool when used correctly. It is important to portray your brand through social media in an accurate way to maintain your brand image in every aspect. It is one thing to have a social media account and another to have a social media presence. When social media is tied in with business you need to have a purpose and objective, to be effective it requires a following. Everyone wants that huge following, but how do you get there? With all the different aspects of social media, there is a lot to keep in mind and lots of different ways you should be working to build an optimal social media presence.

Managing Your Profile:

When working on your social media account one of the major things you need to keep in mind is consistency, if you aren’t consistent how are the customers supposed to know what to trust? When it comes to business you need to be consistent throughout each social media outlet in order to maintain your brand and brand image for clients. This means that the content on all your different social platforms should be relatively the same.

An active social media presence can also play a huge role in both engagements and increasing your following. You want to keep your followers engaged, so you should stick to a posting schedule to make sure you are posting in an effective quantity. To maintain social media engagement posting regularly is crucial as well as posting attention-grabbing content.

When looking at what content to share with your followers, be sure to think about what your brand stands for and create content based on that. Look at the quality of photos you are sharing and how they will stand out, you want things that will grab follower's attention. Look for quality photos and ones that show off your amazing program.

Give your viewers a glimpse into what they could be a part of by enrolling in your program.

Outreach on Social Media:

To strengthen the effectiveness of your social media platform, utilize the power of outreach. With social media, don’t solely focus on your own profile, be sure to follow back, like, and comment on others' posts. When the engagement is reciprocated, you are building connections through social media, which ultimately is the goal.

Today, social media plays a huge role in not only our daily lives, but business, so it is super important to utilize social media to the best of your ability. With a larger following comes power, you are reaching more people to develop those relationships with, to hopefully turn into clients in the future. To develop a larger following it can be helpful to reach out to relevant profiles and follow them. The larger the following, the more leads you are reaching and the more potential clients you gain.

More Engagement:

When managing your social media accounts one of your goals should be to reach high levels of engagement. Learning how to get the highest level of engagement possible is challenging, but there are some tools and tricks you can use to help.

  • Insights are a powerful tool that can give you an idea of peak posting times and other statistics. This tool isn’t always taken advantage of. By using the insight tool you are able to see when your greatest engagement time is, so you can base the timing of your post on insights to reach the largest number of followers possible.

  • Using a technique as simple as a hashtag also proves to be useful. This causes your post to show up in other sections of the social media platform, which helps you reach more than just your following. A hashtag also gives your post the ability to trend, therefore reaching a larger number of people.

  • A giveaway can surprisingly be one of the most effective methods to gain engagement. With giveaways followers are required to like, share, and comment on 3 friends on the post. By doing this you are reaching your followers as well as their following. This often inspires others to enter the giveaway which will give you a larger following. You should take any opportunity possible to reach a larger audience, in hopes to get the word out about your business.

  • As mentioned above, reciprocating engagement and liking your followers' posts is surprisingly a beneficial way to increase engagement on your post.

Measuring Effectiveness:

When spending time on something, you want to know that it is working and worth your time. One way to look at it is by having a social media presence you are further developing your brand, which really is invaluable. You can also look at the number of people you are reaching (your followers), which are learning about your business. To do this you can look at the number of followers you have, the number of likes on your post, and the views you get on your stories. Having a social media presence gives customers another place to look into your business, giving it more credibility with more places to look. Customers often feel more comfortable when they are able to look at larger amounts of content from the business.

Building an online social media presence is a very important tool for business growth and customer connection. There are numerous tips and tricks you can try to enhance your social media presence. The major things to focus on are consistency, activity, and reciprocation. The larger levels of engagement, the larger number of potential customers you are able to get. Do everything in your power to make the most of your social media and online presence.