Jumpstart your Home Childcare Program with these 5 Ikea Items

So, you’ve decided to open your own home childcare program! You’re excited and ready to get children and families in the door for lots of fun and activities! Not so fast… First, you’ll have to focus on the set up of your home environment to make sure that it is safe for children. We know – furnishing and setting up the learning environment can be a daunting task to tackle as a new provider. The good news? Setting up your centre is an exciting time where you can utilize creativity to make your vision come to life! Take a deep breath, you can do this! Here are our top 5 recommended Ikea items to help jumpstart your program setup.

1. You Need: Low, Open Shelving

Before you can even think about purchasing any toys and materials, you will need a place to store and organize them. The Kallax shelf unit offers both functionality and versatility. Turn it on its side for the perfect toy shelf that is easily accessible for young children. Other potential uses include art supply storage, artwork display, cubbies, bookshelves, etc. The possibilities are endless!

2. You Need: Organizational Baskets

As an educator, baskets will be your best friend for organizing and safely storing toys when they are not in use. We recommend pairing the Branas Baskets with the Kallax Shelf Unit. They are made to fit ever so perfectly inside the shelves, but they are also very useful on their own. The Branas Baskets are also available in a variety of different colours and materials, so you will have no trouble matching them to your decor/theme.

3. You Need: Kid-Sized Tables & Chairs

No classroom would be complete without a place for children to sit down so they can work and create. We are obsessed with the simplicity of the Latt set, which comes with 2 chairs. The Latt set is both sturdy and affordable and made to perfectly fit in a childcare centre.

4. You Need: Dressing Mirror

Young children and babies love looking in the mirror and checking out their own reflection. Encourage this interest by hanging children's mirrors around the room. Mirrors are also essential when children want to dress up and enjoy dramatic play! We especially love this Drommare Mirror because it is made of impact-resistant soft plastic making it safe and unbreakable.

5. You Need: Area Rug or Play Mat

Area rugs in the play environment offers have several benefits. They can be used to zone learning areas in the room or to sit the children down for circle time. Area rugs also provide a soft cushioning for children who are crawling and still learning how to walk. The Himmelsk Area Rug is affordable and adds the perfect subtle finishing touch to any play space. Ikea has plenty of different patterns and materials available for you to find the best rug to suit your childcare centre.

One of the most exciting opportunities you get from starting your own home childcare centre is the ability to design and build it from scratch. You have complete creative control and can customize your centre however you like. It may seem like a big task to take on, but hopefully the suggestions that we provided can act as a good starting point. Envision yourself as a parent or child, stepping into a childcare centre. Think about what you would want to see in a good home childcare centre and find furnishing that match the image.