Bullseye: how to discover and connect with your target audience

Target market awareness is needed for effective marketing. If you do not know who you are To determine your target audience you need to do a lot of research and deep thinking on who you are trying to reach and who your program is best suited for. Once this is determined you can create focused, targeted marketing. The better you know your target audience the better you can reach them in a meaningful, effective way.


The first step is to identify your target market, so you need to think about who your program is made for. Knowing who you need to reach is useless if you don’t know how to go about connecting with them. In saying this, it makes the next step to identify the channels that will reach your target customers the best. For example, if you are managing a children’s activity program, then consider the list of parent review sites/blogs that you can get into. Plus, a list of what parents are looking for in children’s programs. With this information, you have the power of knowledge, knowledge of who is looking for programs similar to yours. By identifying these customers you know exactly who to go after for lead nurturing. It is very powerful to know who is actually interested, so you aren’t pursuing leads that have no interest.

Understand Personas:

To connect with anyone, in any situation you should be able to identify and respect different types of personas. It can be effective to create personas for your target audience. By doing this you can determine which type of content to present to different leads, as well as which channels will resonate best with your target audience. When working on client management it is important to get to know your customers so you are communicating in the most effective way for that specific customer. When you know your target audience, you should be able to identify the emotional triggers that will compel them to take action. Know their values to reach their heart, then you have a better chance of getting the results you want. Emotions are a very powerful emotion, this makes emotional marketing hit in a deep way.

Optimal channels:

Now that your target audience is determined and well known, you need to find the optimal channel to reach them. Knowing the most effective way to reach your audience is a powerful thing. You need to understand what optimal channels your target audience is in, to do this a lot of research should be done to get the best results. Research the competition in your space and look at how they’re reaching customers, see what works and what doesn’t. In saying this you should not do the exact same as your competitors, try to differentiate yourself to stand out from your competition. You can use the same outlets as your competition, but when doing that be sure to set yourself apart. Get creative and give your customers something they have never seen before, do whatever you can to catch their attention.

Plan, & Execute:

Finally, it is time to create a strategy to promote yourself through the appropriate business channels determined earlier. When creating your promotion strategy, think out of the box, try to come up with something that will catch people off guard and draw them in. Keep in mind the work you put in to get to know your audience and try to hit those emotional triggers. Consider how to get your name out there and unique techniques to get more traffic. When doing anything, always bring it back to your target audience and what will appeal to the best. Creating a solid marketing plan from content to execution is crucial to effectively discover and connect with your target audience.

Determining your target audience is crucial to effective marketing and there are a lot of steps that go into doing this effectively. Once your audience is determined you should find a way to connect with them. Always go into detail and try to understand the different types of audience personas to ensure you are communicating effectively with each and every different personality. By doing this you can accurately target your marketing to reach your target audience through their emotional triggers. Connecting with your target audience also has to do with where you are doing so and accessing the optimal channels, do all this and connect with the correct people in the most effective ways.