What is Digital Marketing? And why does it matter?

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, such as social media, display advertising, and mobile devices. This is a very powerful marketing tool that all business owners should take advantage of. To utilize this tool it is important to understand exactly what digital marketing is and the importance of digital marketing. Doing this will give you the chance to strengthen your business and give you more growth opportunities. Especially with the high levels of digitalization that our society has adopted today, digital marketing is only gaining importance.


With the next generation of parents being more tech-savvy than ever before it is important to stay caught up with the times. Millennials now make up more than 90% of new parents meaning they are going to want and expect more things to be presented in an online forum. It also means that digital marketing will be much more effective in this generation. In business, you need to learn how to speak and connect with each generation, especially the generation you will be relying on the most for business. Learn how to speak and sell to both millennials and the upcoming generations for the greatest chance at success.

Utilize each tool that is available to you and put your best foot forward. Be sure to do everything in your power to build a strong online presence that highlights your brand and company values. This includes more than a strong, detailed program website, it also includes developing a web presence, having a variety of social media channels, and even messaging apps. When doing this, include appropriate content to get the best results. Whenever doing anything related to your business, representing your brand accurately and consistently is crucial to an effective presentation.

To present your brand in the best way possible, constantly be reflecting on your company values. Doing all these things should assist you greatly with bringing in new business for the incoming generations.


When thinking about digital marketing, you may not be aware of all the different options. There are three main types of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Advertising (aka Pay Per Click Ads), and Display Advertising.

  • Search Engine Optimization helps your website get ranked higher on search engines like Google so that you can generate more traffic from people searching for what you are selling.

  • Social Media Advertising is likely where your mind goes when you think of Digital Marketing. In this form you create social media profiles that you share content, connect and reciprocate engagement, it is a very effective tool with today's generation. This can be very helpful, especially in the early stages of business. In this type of marketing, you can also pay for an Ad to show up on other's social media, so you reach more than just your following.

  • Display Advertising includes banner ads in email newsletters and online magazines among other places which help drive awareness of a product or service without requiring interaction with the viewer. There are so many different ways to market digitally, there is a method for everyone, if one doesn’t work you can try another or have lots going at the same time, the options are infamous.


As mentioned before digital marketing can be a very powerful tool, especially when used in a strategic way. With digital marketing, it is extremely important to keep your content up to date and attention-grabbing. When making a post or adding something to your website it is always a good idea to think about what you think will draw viewers' attention. Try to present your content in a clever way that gets the point across, but also entertains the client. The key to doing this is getting creative, being unique, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Taking advantage of the Search Engine Optimization tool is a great way to increase the traffic of your website. With creative, quality content and high levels of traffic, you are setting yourself up for the path to success.

Measure and Track:

One big concern that a lot of people have is, “how do I know if it’s working?” The best way to measure is to track your progress with analytic tools. You can track the levels of engagement you are receiving, the number of enrollments, or interested clients since your digital marketing journey. A successful digital campaign will combine all three of the digital marketing tactics, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Advertising, and Display advertising. By using each method you are maximizing your ability to reach the largest number of leads possible. You can look at how many likes you are receiving, your following, and views on stories. By doing that you are able to get a grasp on how many people you are reaching.

In summary, Digital Marketing has the potential to expand and strengthen your business when used correctly. The world is evolving into a digital atmosphere, so businesses should follow the trend and not be left behind. Taking advantage of each tool available to you can be the difference between failure and success, social media happens to be one of those very powerful tools, especially when used correctly. With the world, we are living in today and the new generations growing up, digital marketing is developing an increasing amount of power.